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21 Jan, 2023

Protected: Machine Learning with Python – 01M0

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13 Jan, 2023

Lecture Notes – I

text1 = 'Hello' 'World'text2 = "hi there"text3 = '''How are youwhere are youwhat do you

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11 Jan, 2023

Learn Python

DAY 1 #interpreter - Python, R#compiler - Java, C C++print(5-3) #adding 5 and 3print()print("5+3=",5+3,"and 5*6=",5*6)

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4 Jan, 2023

Data Analytics Jan 2023

https://learn.swapnil.pwLearn and Practice Python Refer Python notes here for installation of software:   https://learn.swapnil.pwDAY 1 Notes:  Click here

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2 Jan, 2023

January 2023 Evening

DOWNLOAD LINKSPython:  https://learn.swapnil.pw/python/pythoninstallation  Pycharm:  https://learn.swapnil.pw/python/pythonides  R & RStudio:   https://swapnil.pw/uncategorized/installating-r-studio Domain Knowledge: https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights Refer handnotes on Android Phone: Story

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29 Dec, 2022

Learn with Ray

DAY 1: print("Hello")print('how are you today?')print(5+4)print('5+4')print('5+4=',5+4,'and 6+4=',6+4)var_1 = 5 #datatype is implicitprint(var_1+10)#variable naming rule: It shouldnt

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24 Dec, 2022

Python Zero to Hero

### DAY 1print("Welcome")val1 = 5#val1 is a variable in this caseprint("val1")print("Value of variable val1 =",val1)#type()

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12 Dec, 2022

Data Analytics Nov 2022- Part 2

Click here to visit Part 1 of the Blog DAY 21 select * from HR.Employees; -- explicit

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9 Dec, 2022

Quest Learning DS December 2022

Day 1:a=5#data type is integerprint(a)print(type(a))a='''hellohow are youI am fine'''#type is stringprint(a)print(type(a))a="""hello"""#type is stringprint(a)print(type(a))a=5.0print(a)print(type(a))a = True

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9 Nov, 2022

Data Analytics – November 2022

DAY 1,2, 3: Click here to Download the class excel file Click here to watch

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