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9 Jul, 2022

How to add a Machine Learning Project to GitHub

Maintaining a GitHub data science portfolio is very essential for data science professionals and students

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20 Mar, 2022

Restricted Boltzmann Machine and Its Application

A restricted Boltzmann machine (RBM) is a generative stochastic artificial neural network that can learn

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9 Jan, 2022

Cloud Computing Basics – 1

Cloud computing is a computing term or metaphor that evolved in the late 2000s, based

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5 Sep, 2023


print( "sdfsadgdsgds" )# inbuilt functions, followed with ()# are for comments - you are asking

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3 Sep, 2023

Computational Thinking Content

# LOGIC# Logic 1: a > b , b>c , which is greater between a

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1 Sep, 2023

Scientists Who Made Contribution to Machine Learning

There are numerous scientists who have made significant contributions to the field of machine learning.

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20 Aug, 2023

Object Oriented Programming – Properties using Python

'''ENCAPSULATION:1. Giving required access to the user: a. public access: public members can be called

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6 Aug, 2023

Data Science Tutorial Aug 2023

MACHINE LEARNING TUTORIAL VIDEO 1: INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE LEARNING ## https://github.com/swapnilsaurav/MachineLearninglink ="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/swapnilsaurav/MachineLearning/master/1_Data_PreProcessing.csv"import numpy as npimport

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23 Jul, 2023

JULY Weekend Data Science

print(); print(3+5*2-5+ 100); print('3+5*2-5+100 ')print('3+5*2-5+100=', 3 + 5*2-5+100) #parameters = 2print('3+5*2-5+100=',3+5*2-5+100, "Hello",5*2)# Comments - this

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21 Jul, 2023

Data Structure using Python

### MAPS - based on Dictionariesimport collectionsd1 = {"name":"Sachin","city":"Mumbai","age":50}d2 = {"sports":"Hockey","team":"India","Goals":322}output = collections.ChainMap(d1,d2)print(output.maps)print("Keys = ",list(output.keys()))print("Values

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12 Jul, 2023

JUNE 2023 DataScience Tutorial PART- II

ACCESS THE PREVIOUS CONTENT HERE use employees;-- create table, drop table, alter table-- to read

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29 Jun, 2023

Mini Python Projects

BILLING PROJECT USING CSV FILE file = "expenses.csv"import csvdef add_details(): while True: code = input("Enter

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7 Jun, 2023

Mastering Data Science – June 2023

Mastering Data Science Course - JUNE 2023 Installation of: PYTHON: click here for the detailsIDE:  click

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