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6 Aug, 2023

Data Science Tutorial Aug 2023

MACHINE LEARNING TUTORIAL VIDEO 1: INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE LEARNING ## https://github.com/swapnilsaurav/MachineLearninglink ="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/swapnilsaurav/MachineLearning/master/1_Data_PreProcessing.csv"import numpy as npimport

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12 Jul, 2023

JUNE 2023 DataScience Tutorial PART- II

ACCESS THE PREVIOUS CONTENT HERE use employees;-- create table, drop table, alter table-- to read

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7 Jun, 2023

Mastering Data Science – June 2023

Mastering Data Science Course - JUNE 2023 Installation of: PYTHON: click here for the detailsIDE:  click

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2 May, 2023

Python and Machine Learning Course May 2023

Click here to see Python and other software installaton steps Day 1 Introduction and Print()

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8 Apr, 2023


print("Hello",5+4,end=" ")print("6+3=",6+3,end="n")print("How are you?",end="n")print("This line n for new line") ;# integer - inta=5;print(type(a))#string - str#boolean

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1 Apr, 2023

Weekend DS Batch April 2023

Download software and make it ready for programming.. refer this link #1. Python programming- Python

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15 Feb, 2023

Learn R Programming

 var1 = 5var1 = 50print(var1)#[1] 50print(var1 + var4)var = 55var = 55var4 = 55#print(var1, var4)#Error

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21 Jan, 2023

Machine Learning with Python – 01M0

DAY 1 Intro Video print('5+3=',5+3) #comment 1#practice day 1var1 = 45print(type(var1)) #<class 'int'> integer# we

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4 Jan, 2023

Data Analytics Jan 2023

https://learn.swapnil.pwLearn and Practice Python Refer Python notes here for installation of software:   https://learn.swapnil.pwDAY 1 Notes:  Click here

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2 Jan, 2023

January 2023 Evening

DOWNLOAD LINKSPython:  https://learn.swapnil.pw/python/pythoninstallation  Pycharm:  https://learn.swapnil.pw/python/pythonides  R & RStudio:   https://swapnil.pw/uncategorized/installating-r-studio Domain Knowledge: https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights Refer handnotes on Android Phone: Story

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