How to add a Machine Learning Project to GitHub

Maintaining a GitHub data science portfolio is very essential for data science professionals and students in their career. This will essentially showcase their skills and projects.

Steps to add an existing Machine Learning Project in GitHub

Step 1: Install GIT on your system

We will use the git command-line interface which can be downloaded from:

Step 2: Create GitHub account here:

Step 3: Now we create a repository for our project. It’s always a good practice to initialize the project with a README file.

Step 4: Go to the Git folder located in Program Files\Git and open the git-bash terminal.

Step 5: Now navigate to the Machine Learning project folder using the following command.


Step 6: Type the following git initialization command to initialize the folder as a local git repository.

git init

We should get a message “Initialized empty Git repository in your path” and .git folder will be created which is hidden by default.

Step 7: Add files to the staging area for committing using this command which adds all the files and folders in your ML project folder.

git add .

Note: git add filename.extension can also be used to add individual files.

Step 8: We will now commit the file from the staging area and add a message to our commit. It is always a good practice to having meaningful commit messages which will help us understand the commits during future visits and revision. Type the following command for your first commit.

git commit -m "Initial project commit"

Step 9: This only adds our files to the local branch of our system and we have to link with our remote repository in GitHub. To link them go to the GitHub repository we have created earlier and copy the remote link under “..or push an existing repository from the command line”.

First, get the url of the github project:

Now, In the git-bash window, paste the command below followed by your remote repository’s URL.

git remote add origin YOUR_REMOTE_REPOSITORY_URL

Step 10: Finally, we have to push the local repository to the remote repository in GitHub

git push -u origin master

Sign into your github account

Authorize GitCredentialManager

After this, the Machine Learning project will be added to your GitHub with the files.

We have successfully added an existing Machine Learning Project to GitHub. Now is the time to create your GitHub portfolio by adding more projects to it.