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Free Python Webinar

Python expert Swapnil Saurav conducted one-hour long Python Webinar for those who want to learn Python programming. The session was conducted on March 5th 6-7pm India time. This was conducted as part of Swapnil’s mission to make India Python literate. The webinar was attended by over 30 participants.

Following topics were covered in the session:

  1. Why is gaining popular
  2. Top features of Python
  3. Brief history
  4. Download, Installation and Working of Python.exe, Pycharm and using Google Colab
  5. Print() function
  6. Variables
  7. Basic datatypes – Int, String

List of participants included:

  1. Borra John
  2. Shivakumar
  3. Ajan S
  4. Juhaira K
  5. Sankar K
  6. Velmurugan A
  7. Loga Varshini.P
  8. Bhuwan Kumar Sharma
  9. Aswini M
  10. Harini Sri A.R.
  11. K. Swetha
  12. Rohan S Lolage
  13. M. Jaya varshini
  14. Nathalie Joy D. Fronda
  15. S. Sanjay
  16. Inika.R.G.
  17. Kanividya G.P.
  18. Indu Bala
  19. Sivanarul Selvan S
  20. Shrasti Agrawal
  21. S. Srinivas
  22. Pandu Rangan C.R
  23. M. Hemapriya
  24. Muskan Mahato
  25. Debjit Biswas
  26. Noor Mohammed G
  27. Chauhan Mitul Kumar
  28. Souvik Chakraborty
  29. Navneet Singh
  30. Kapil RJ
  31. Gagan Manocha

Attached here is the presentation deck:

Presentation slides

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