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Machine Learning related articles, discussions, applications, etc

26 May, 2022

Exponential Smoothing Forecasting – Examples

Example 1: Exponential Smoothing Forecasting – Example Let’s consider α=0.2 for the above-given data values so enter

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14 May, 2022

Multiple Linear Regression Code

Multiple linear regression (MLR) is a statistical technique that uses several explanatory variables to predict

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8 May, 2022

Simple Linear Regression or Bivariate Regression Problems to Practice

Download working excel from here : Bivariate-12-May-2022Download Problem Statement 1: Solution: Step 1: Identify Step

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20 Mar, 2022

Restricted Boltzmann Machine and Its Application

A restricted Boltzmann machine (RBM) is a generative stochastic artificial neural network that can learn

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2 Oct, 2021

Speaker at ATAL online FDP on “The Internet of Things and Everything- IOT/IOE”

I am so pleased to share the news that I was one of the speakers

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19 Sep, 2021

Understanding the term Data Science?

Another article talking about the basic concept of machine learning and data science. As the

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19 Sep, 2021

What is artificial intelligence?

In continuation to our earlier discussions, and talking about basic terms first before we get

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18 Sep, 2021

What is machine learning

Hello again. Welcome to my blog, this is my third post. I will talk about

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