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19 Mar, 2022

Installation of Anaconda for Python on Local Machine

Installing on Windows Download the installer: Miniconda installer for Windows. Anaconda installer for Windows. Verify

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6 Mar, 2022

Free Python Webinar

Python expert Swapnil Saurav conducted one-hour long Python Webinar for those who want to learn

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9 Jan, 2022

Cloud Computing Basics – 1

Cloud computing is a computing term or metaphor that evolved in the late 2000s, based

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6 Nov, 2021

Know Everything About Cloud Computing

Beginners guide to cloud computing The origin of cloud computing can be traced back as

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4 Oct, 2021

How to get date and time in Python

Python has a module called as datetime which gives the current date and time in

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2 Oct, 2021

Speaker at ATAL online FDP on “The Internet of Things and Everything- IOT/IOE”

I am so pleased to share the news that I was one of the speakers

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22 Sep, 2021

How classes and objects are used in Python

Python is said to be a pure object oriented programming language and almost everything you

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21 Sep, 2021

Python 3.10 – what can we expect from it?

Image above shows how CASE statement can be implemented in Python, wait you cant make

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19 Sep, 2021

Understanding the term Data Science?

Another article talking about the basic concept of machine learning and data science. As the

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19 Sep, 2021

What is artificial intelligence?

In continuation to our earlier discussions, and talking about basic terms first before we get

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